Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge is busy getting the rescued farm animal side of the programme moving. We are currently forming links with animal agencies which will assist us in providing a well thought through home for the animals that arrive at the farm.

To achieve the above we need to improve some of the current fencing. While this fencing keeps our current farm animals safe we feel, with the introduction of a wider variety of farm animals, we need to improve the fencing. We must keep the animals safe.

One way we can do this is to have a  working bee combined with donated materials.

Working bees will be happening a little later in the year. Look for these!

Before we can have the working bees we need to purchase the materials. While we have the use of the Conrad property we do need to pay for some items, including specific fencing and animal shelters.

As we live in tough financial times and want to make this opportunity open to many people we have created a flexible donation plan.

The materials have been divided into a variety of amounts. Listed below are some options you can view then if interested make an informed choice and support Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge

Fencing: (As at August 2013)

Each fence post cost
Wire, per section
Extra materials, per section
Gates- 10 foot
Hinge set per gait

Corner post $14.50 Fence post $9.56
Roll of fence wire $179 for 1500 meters
Gripples $49.00 for 20- Staples etc. $55.00

Shelters: (As at August 2013)

Large Shelter

Per Post
The side of a shelter
Extra materials-nails etc
Lining of shelter-per section

4 x 4 posts $30.00 each
$700.00-using colourbond

Small Shelter

Per post
The side of a shelter
Extra materials, nails etc.
Lining of shelter-per section

4 x 4 posts $30.00 each

Once you have made a choice you can do one of the following;

1. Send a cheque made out to Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge and include your postal details so we can send you a tax receipt.

Send to:   Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge 
                 79 Whelans Road 
                 Healesville  Vic  3777

2. Make an over the counter deposit at any Bendigo bank to Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge. Please give details (eg. Surname- Business name- etc) so we can send you a tax receipt.

3. Make a direct credit to Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge.

Again please give details (Surname -Business Name - Invoice Number - as this helps us send you a tax receipt.)

Banking details:    BSB: 633 000     Account No.:   1463 45 822

Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge is a registered charity.

As soon as the areas are completed we will be providing a plaque for people to write their name/s on. These will be attached to the appropriate areas you have chosen to support. We look forward to seeing your name at Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge.

With your support we will be able to provide safe and comfortable housing for the coming rescued farm animals. We thank you ever so much for this support.

Update of our new Aussie Farm Shed

As you may know our new shed is completed.

Gill, for several years, lived happily in the cottage, (where the shed has been built) always close to her family and animals. Gill later purchased her own home, taking her some twenty minutes away. Unfortunately to our dismay the cottage burnt to the ground on Black Saturday. After a lot of thought we decided to build a farm shed as we believed this would be more useful to our current needs. We wanted an Australian shed in keeping with our old world look. It is looking beautiful. I am impressed. (I wouldn’t say no to a couple more of these!!)

Travis, Gill’s brother, has made all the metal pens to house the sheep and goats. He is an engineer and likes things to be perfect. God love him! Also he has made some pretty smart “sheep plaques“, on which we can write the names of the sheep and goats. Have a look when you come. Travis has also made me a wind vein, depicting a proud Boarder Leicester showing us which way the wind is blowing. You’ll have looked at the story about Arrow I’m sure.

There are so many things happening. We are looking for a small kitchen to go in the workshop end of the new shed; we feel a portable set up will give us more flexibility. We plan to have a variety of workshops, including felting, spinning, knitting and mosaics to start with. To be able to do this we need, a small kitchen/cupboard to make a cuppa, etc. and old bricks for the floor. We do have some but need a lot more. We are asking for old, reddish ones that are flat at least on one side. We will have a working-bee to lay the bricks, and then later assemble a kitchen. Wow! Bob’s your uncle, and we’ll be in action! I can’t wait. What about you? Arrow and his crew have provided us with heaps of beautiful, many coloured fleeces this year so we’ll be able to make warm, beautiful woolly items. There will be plenty of workshops available for children, children and parents. All held in this relaxed farm environment. So if you have some spare bricks, know of a suitable kitchen, and would like to be involved in other ways please call us on 0497 230 394 or email to

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Old Hay Shed

The old hay shed needs a bit of TLC. However, it has been put to full use over the years especially when Gill was a dedicated horsewoman, training, showing and healing her loved horses. What a busy and devoted girl she was.

Over the past few years it hasn’t heard the sound of munching horses and active stable hands but I can tell you it is ready for some action. With a couple of working-bees it will be pulling its weight when it comes to providing warm, dry and sound stables for the many abused, injured or neglected animals that will arrive.

If you would like to be part of this important project please contact us on M: 0497 230 394 or email us at We need a variety of skilled and enthusiastic people to get this hay shed looking its best. There is always a cool summer drink on hand and for those hard workers a yummy lunch. Please don’t forget to RSVP.

Remember when coming to the farm you will always need to dress appropriately. During the summer months, a wide brimmed hat, strong shoes/boots, and old farm clothes are recommended.  During the winter months, be sure to rug up in warm clothing (old ones are the best), have a rain coat of some type and wear strong shoes/boots/gumboots.

A Golden Delight

In front of the farm shed Gary has landscaped the lawn area, keeping it simple. Including two birthday Magnolias and Claret Ash for Gill and a Pin Oak given to us from close friends just after Gill passed. (See the message below under The Pin Oak). As Gill loved yellow and daffodils, we decided to fill the area under the trees with all types of Daffodils. What a sight it is, all the golden daffodils glowing in the breeze. Gill would love this. She absolutely loved me reading  the Wordsworth’s daffodil poem to her, which included, “a host of golden daffodils”. These are the special things you have to remember.

A Special Thankyou........

After finding Gill’s website and seeing her love of Wordsworth’s poem and happy daffodils Pauline wanted to send Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge a collection of bulbs. Pauline knew Gill when she was a little tacker and when her parents played badminton.

Gary, Annette and Michelle were on their way to the Quilt Show, held in July 2013, when by coincidence they met Pauline in a cosy café enjoying a hearty breakfast. Within seconds they were in deep chatter, reminiscing about old times and the unbelievable loss of Gill. You never know when, why or how you might run into people from your past!

Thank you Pauline for being so generous and thoughtful! We look forward to seeing your daffodils, along with others, in the early spring. They will give many children that much needed burst of yellow happiness after the long cold winter.

The Pin Oak

The following is the message from the family who kindly sent us the Pin Oak.

“We chose the Oak because it is beautiful, strong and casts a wide area of shade, just like Gill cast a lot of love."
David, Jenny and Sashi