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Yes We Have Moved...

Date:10th September 2018| Category:General
 Yes we have moved......

As you may already know we have moved from the romantic valleys of Healesville to the seductive misty hills of Mirboo North.
We are totally spoilt, being just five minutes from the town centre, not another house in sight, and surrounded by nature. I wake up some morning and wonder if I have gone to heaven? I pinch myself, realising there are jobs to be done, animals to tend and gardens to address. But it still feels pretty darn wonderful. At this time of the year as I drive home it takes every ounce of my willpower to not pick a bunch of the eye catching pink epacris that grows wildly along the sides of our road. Gary has named his first Koala, Gary- he always wanted something named after him- and our adorable grand children delight in all that our farm has to offer. Out of a paddock we have recently formed the Children’s Garden which brings pure delight to the three of us, Alistair, Tamsyn and me. Alistair is a whiz with his speedy wheel burrow bringing me loads of mulch to form practical pathways through this adventure garden. Tamsyn on the other hand keeps all the newly planted seedlings hydrated. Last summer their sunflowers towered over them like giants  in a fairy story. smrtovnice

Our Committee has decided it is time to take Gill’s program out into the community, so what better way to do this than through gardens. Gill loved her garden and you may remember she adored spring with the scent of swaying daffodils filling her nostrils with pure joy. Also many of the children who attended our Healesville programs gravitated to both the small children’s garden and our larger cottage country affair. “Annette if only we could have a garden like this at our school” was often relayed. Listening to this we will start with smaller schools that don’t, at this stage, have a productive garden that children are involved in then move on from there. Gill’s principles will still apply; encouragement, support, fun, laughter, being creative and productive, giving back to others, learning and most importantly, love. Our age group will basically stay the same, Primary School age and all children will have the opportunity to be involved. This is one way we can offer Gill’s program to a larger group of children.
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We plan on including workshops some that have a nature twist, some that allow children to extend their love of art and others that give them the opportunity to work as a team completing a project made for ongoing use.

Gardening will be the nucleus of this program, including the children in all aspects, from garden design to structure, seed raising, planting, maintenance, all recorded in a handmade journal, then later the gathering of produce. Celebrating is an integral part of life so making and sharing meals while discussing future ideas will be paramount. Selling propagated and surplus items will help the circle of garden life to roll on. There will be time to include parents, teachers and other interested community members in this rewarding project .

  For more information please contact us on;

Mobile:            0497 230 394
Farm Phone:   (03) 5668 2929

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