Our Special Boy Herby

Some days are full of happiness but others test our emotions and fill us with sadness.

Yesterday was one of the difficult days, as Herby, one of our Angora goats, went on an unexpected walk over the rainbow bridge to see Gill. Our day was full of sorrow, Herby was in a lot of pain and discomfort, he was well over ten years of age relojes imitacion and hadn’t been gifted a naturally robust body, however there was nothing he couldn’t do. I remember his wonky walk as he was encouraged to go outside for the day, his desire to walk along the edges of the dam, eating the choicest lush grass and his lifelong friendship with Thomas, also an Angora goat. Both boys came to the farm as youngsters, barely six months of age.

One of Herby’s talents in life was to open the feed drums, using his lips to cleverly pry them open with the hope of getting a yummy surprise. He also loved to pick up his empty food bowl then give it to me, again with hopes of extras coming his way. I would often give him a small treat- carrots were his favourite. In Summer and Autumn Herby was spoilt with apricots, apples and pears from our orchard. You could hear the slurps as her delighted in these regular delights.

Herby was housed at night with Thomas and all the sheep in a new Australian shed, built especially for them. He had his own bedroom, so to speak, and he and his friend would be first to be fed at night. He lived a safe, happy life here at Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge farm enjoying an idyllic life. The children will also miss this character filled goat who had a gentle disposition and loving eyes that could easily take your breath away. Herby was a favourite with the children who loved to feed and pat him giving them ongoing pleasure and happiness. Animals are so good to us. The children adored his steel grey soft fleece that, with age, had a silver thread like look curling through it. I will never forget those amber soft jewels as he looked lovingly at me for the last time.

Thank you Herby for giving so many people ongoing pleasure and we know that Gill will be there to happily look after you.