Wish List

Out In The Community

Many children love gardens, nature and our environment so Gill’s program has decided to go out into the community, working alongside children as we create gardens for all to enjoy. We are excited about this new adventure and hope you can come on this thrilling journey of friendship, encouragement and love.

To make each garden have their own charm and personality, while keeping replicas relojes costs to a minimum we are looking for some items you may have at home and no longer need. Please see the list below and if you find a treasure you would like to pass on to us please feel welcome to contact us. 
Wish List

Our Wish List programme is a new innovative one aimed at supporting disadvantaged children and abused farm animals which needs many things to help it evolve. Below is a listing of current items, all in the hope that someone may have one or even two of them that they may have at home and no longer need.

Our Wish List may be a little wild or even extreme but our needs are varied. With both children and farm animals in the programme you can imagine our diversity. smrtovnice

The Wish List is also continually changing, thanks to the generosity of people and families who support Gill’s program. We are forever grateful and know that without this help we wouldn’t be able to grow or provide programs for children and care for a number of needy animals.

Wish List 2018
  • Old red bricks
  •  Timber for structures. Walkways, entrances, shelters.........
  •  Tools for the garden, rakes, shovels, small trowels.......................
  •  Tolls for carpentry and making other garden items. Hammer, nails, saw, level.........
  •  Metal buckets. A metal bucket is worth its weight in gold!!!!
  •  Soil
  •  Plants-herbs, vegetables, fruits trees, scented plants, insect attracting plants, plants with bright colours.......... plus more.
  •  Small gloves-gardening gloves, all sizes please.
  •  Rocks
  •  Gravel
  •  Mulch- this is an important one as mulch can be used in various ways.
  •  Small outside tables, and chairs. For sitting at, on, and for general propagating etc.
  •  Chicken wire, sheep wire, plus other fencing wires. Old rustic wire has an arty look.
  •  Small garden items like, soft flexible wire, jute,
  •  Fence posts.
  •  Ceramic pots of various sizes. These would be greatly appreciated.
  •  Baskets for collecting produce
  •  Secateurs, pruning shears.........
  •  A wheel burrow
  •  Watering cans, metal ones are better for our environment.
  •  A hose or two.
  •  Old forty-four gallon drums, plus similar-are brilliant for cutting in half-either way- for specific plants- eg. Lettuces,
  •    strawberries........
  •  Old corrugated iron water tanks-when cut to the required sixe are perfect for vegie gardens.
  •  Old baths- great for worm farms, making compost, making special displays of small plants.

Please note all items don’t need to be brand new, but they do need to be safe for our precious children. 

There are lots of other items that could be used in a garden and remember we are open to ideas.

So please give us a call if you have something to donate and would like to see if it is suitable for our adventure.

If you would like to support us but haven’t found anything suitable at home you can always make a donation. Call us or go to your closest Bendigo Bank and ask to make a donation to Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge out in the community. And please add your name and if possible your contact details.

At Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge we are always extremely thankful for any donations that come our way and we know the children creating these gardens will appreciate your kind and generous support.

Please keep in touch and look for upcoming photos and blogs .

If you'd like to support Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge in other ways please contact us on;

P:  (03) 5668 2929  |  M: 0497 230 394  |  E:  info@gilliansrainbowbridge.org.au

Mail to;

Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge
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We will get back to you as soon as possible.